Qualities Required For Success In Life

Qualities Required For Success In Life

Hope you enjoy it: https://www.tailopez.com/67steps/gjl

Dr. David Buss, The author of “Evolutionary Psychology,” the textbook used in Harvard, told me that one of the biggest predictors of material success is conscientiousness.

Conscientiousness includes: Prudence, Diligence, Organization & Perfectionism

I added awareness in there also. I have met many successful people in my lifetime and one thing that sets them apart is their mindset and habits.

People lie but numbers don’t.

If your bank account number is low, you’re most likely not giving out enough value to the world. You have to plant a seed before you are able to harvest.

Things that I wished I had learned when was growing up was not taught to me by schools. I had to seek out mentors who had amazing lives and they taught me the principles that got me to where I am today. I listened to everything they said and applied it daily until this day.

Trust me. You want to ignore 99% of what people tell you but when you find the 1%, someone that you admire, listen to everything they say and put in the effort to deserve what you want.

If you have not joined my 67 steps, I highly recommend you get in. It is one of my most popular programs. 80,000 people got in and I have gotten countless testimonials of how it changed their life. It’s 67 lessons of things that I learned from my mentors that got me where I am today. I purposefully priced it extremely low so everyone can afford it. Check it out here: https://www.tailopez.com/67steps/gjl

My goal is to help as many people as possible find a better life. Trust me I know how it is growing up in this world, and one of my biggest goals is to make a positive difference in people’s lives. That brings me the most fulfillment even over money. There’s only so many houses and cars I can buy, but I learned it’s not about how much money you make but how many lives you touched.

Not only material success but don’t forget about health, relationships, and fulfillment.

I have a new program which is kind of an updated version of the 67 steps called 12 foundations. It’s priced very low also so everyone can afford it. I also included a free training video there so you can get more value.

Hope you enjoy it: https://www.tailopez.com/67steps/gjl

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