What Schools NEVER Taught Us

What Schools NEVER Taught Us

What Schools NEVER Taught Us

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Schools are doing a terrible job at preparing us for (the good) life.

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Do you feel like school prepared you for life? Or do you feel like it let you down?

Last time I checked, there was more than $1.5 trillion in US student loan debt.

That’s more than the estimated $1.3 trillion in costs the United States government spent fighting the war in Iraq.

And it’s getting worse — the student loan debt continues to grow.

Schools are better at taking money than teaching the future generations how to make it.

Is there a better option?


It’s called learning from mentors — aka the people who’ve already achieved the things you’re trying to accomplish.

I recently recorded a video that covers 3 main things my mentors taught me.

We should’ve been taught these schools. But we weren’t.

Learn what they are here: https://www.tailopez.com/67steps/gjl

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