Best Pull Up Bar for Doorways

Love this pull up bar. Sturdy, versatile and easy to put up and take down.

powerbar 2 review best pull up bar for doorway

I use it everyday and have been for the last year. It’s been a great workout tool, especially since covid has started and gyms have been closed… This in my opinion is the best pull up bar for doorways. No major damage to door frame, secure and no fittings required. This is a little demo of me using the Powerbar 2.

Versatile – Exercises I perform with this bar include chin ups and the wide grip pull up. You can also incorporate an ab workout into your routine with this bar.

Sturdy Construction – Previously I had the iron gym total upper body workout bar, however it never felt as sturdy when I put it up on my door frame, so I swapped it for the Powerbar 2. The Powerbar 2 is the only bar that comes with a fully welded frame.

Space Saver – Space saved is huge in comparison to a traditional pull up tower. I live in a flat so making the most of every square foot is important to me. I’d love to have a tower pull up machine but the space requirements needed just make it impossible for me.

No Assembly Required – The Powerbar 2 is ready to go straight out of the box, just check the dimensions to make sure your door frame is compaitable with the Powerbar 2. Fits most doorways 680mm – 800mm.

Reviews for the Powerbar 2

powerbar 2 review best pull up bar for doorway

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