The best freestanding, wall-mounted, door chin-up and pull-up bars for home gyms in 2021.

The best freestanding, wall-mounted, door chin-up and pull-up bars for home gyms in 2021.

Pull ups are also known as the ‘upper body squat,’ because they work the ack and arms in the same way that squats do the glutes and quads. You’ll also need the best pull up bars to do pull ups. Pull-up bars come in a variety of shapes and sizes, but we strongly advise investing in a good quality one: flimsy bars will easily snap, putting your health at risk.

The best pull up bars are perfect for strengthening your upper body at home using nothing but your own bodyweight as resistance.

For the same cause, it can take some time to get used to them and create strength so you can properly do chin-ups and pull-ups, but once you do, the sky’s the limit in terms of developing broad arms and a wide back.

Setting up a home gym can be approached from a variety of angles. You will cover most of the basics with only a dumbbell or a pair of kettlebells. You may also do full-body exercises with a barbell and a weight bench or a home gym. However, if you want to do bodyweight workouts, you can invest in the best pull-up bar and possibly an ab roller.

Bodyweight training’s biggest advantage is that it needs very little equipment to be successful. Without any tools, you can do V sit-ups and pike push-ups. Having said that, such equipment will help you work your muscles even harder.

Pull-up bars and pull-up frames are among these, and they can help you reach the widest of backs in the shortest amount of time. Pull-ups are an excellent back movement that often works other muscles, such as the biceps.

How to Pick a Pull-Up Bar

Pull-up bars are available in a range of shapes and sizes, so do your homework before purchasing one.

You may not be able to drill a powerful, installed pull up bar into the wall if you live in a rental home. There are also free-standing pull-up bars and door pull-up bars that don’t need any drilling or do-it-yourself work.

Maximum load and flexibility are the two most important features to consider. Non-freestanding models should have at least three grip positions (wide grip, narrow grip, and neutral grip) and a maximum load of 110-150 kg. Other features, such as a padded back and arm rests, should be included in free standing pull up frames to provide support during workouts. Some models also have grips at the base of the frame, allowing you to vary the press-up routine.

Free-standing pull-up frames usually have a lower maximum load than wall-mounted pull-up frames, ranging from 120 to 140 kg.

Do pull-up bars damage doors?

Since they aren’t connected to the door frames, neither stand-alone nor wall-mounted pull-up bars cause harm. Door pull up bars, which are attached to door frames, do not harm doors, but check the minimum and maximum door widths the bar will accommodate before using it.

Is it safe to use pull-up bars?

A properly mounted, high-quality pull-up bar is often safe to use. Having said that, always test the bar before putting your weight on it. The way pull up bars are assembled or connected to the wall/door frame determines their stability.

You might also invest in an exercise floor pad, such as the Mirafit folding exercise mat, to help you land softer.

If you’re worried about your grip power, a pair of grip pads or lifting gloves will help even sweaty palms grip for longer periods of time. Try resistance band pull-ups to relieve some of the strain on your arms and back.

How much weight can a pull-up bar support?

It varies by type, but in general, choose a pull-up bar with a maximum consumer weight of at least 20 kg more than your bodyweight. Given that even door pull up bars can support 110 kg, the majority of them can comfortably support an average-built adult.

Adidas Door Gym

A versatile piece of workout equipment that has a low environmental impact.

Adidas Door Gym

The Adidas Door Gym is a cost-effective, space-saving, and versatile piece of home fitness equipment that does just what it says on the box.

The Adidas Door Gym’s maximum load capacity is 110 kg, but because they are connected to the door frame, it makes little sense for them to be able to accommodate 200 kg as the door frame will give in under much less.

The Door Gym has three grip positions and is height adjustable, allowing you to customise it to your door room (width is not adjustable so please be mindful of that).

Some reviewers complained that the foam cover on the side where the Door Gym meets the frame wasn’t durable enough, but that shouldn’t be a problem if it’s secured properly. The easiest (and potentially cheapest) way to strengthen your upper body.

Ultrasport Multifunctional Door Pull-Up Bar

No Fitting required.

Ultrasport Multifunctional Door Pull-Up Bar with Soft Grip

The Ultrasport Door Pull-Up Bar is suitable for pull-ups and chin-ups and can accommodate up to 100 kg in user weight. Even better, it has three different depth levels, allowing users to customise it to their own door frames. If that’s not enough, the Ultrasport Door Pull-Up Bar can also be used as an incline push-up/floor dip bar, all without having to drill or shift anything in your rented apartment.

Door pull up frames are great for improving your pull ups and chin ups: keep the Ultrasport Door Pull-Up Bar on the door frame all the time and do a pull up or chin up any time you step under it if you have enough room. Soon enough, you’ll see results.

While the actual equipment can accommodate up to 100 kilos in bodyweight, the maximum load is very much dependent on the door frame itself, as it is for all door pull up frames. Similarly, this pull-up bar may not be ideal for CrossFit-style pull-ups because it may wiggle around too much on the door frame.

Weider Power Tower Workout Station

Complete body workout with just one tower.

Weider Power Tower Workout Station

If you have the space for it, the Weider Power Tower is a must-have piece of home gym equipment. You’ll be able to do knee raises (or leg raises), bodyweight dips, and a number of push ups with the Weider Power Tower in addition to pull ups and chin ups.

Despite the fact that it is a free-standing pull-up frame, the maximum consumer weight is a whopping 135 kilogrammes. That’s even more shocking when you know that the Weider Power Tower is just 40 kilos. To put this home gym equipment together, some self-assembly is needed, but not much.

Bodyflex Body Tower

For all of your home gym exercising needs, get a high-quality power tower.

Bodyflex Body Tower

The Bowflex BodyTower will not disappoint you. This power tower, according to Bowflex, can be used for more than 18 different exercises, including, of course, pull-ups and chin-ups.

This home gym equipment weighs more than 50 kilogrammes, but it can accommodate a consumer weight of more than 130 kilogrammes. According to Bowflex, putting together the BodyTower takes just 30 minutes.

Bowflex recognises that no one cleans their workout equipment, so it included a special feature: non-absorbent, microbial-resistant hand grips, as well as a non-absorbent, closed-cell EVA foam cushioned back pad.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

Pull ups, dips and squats. This machine has you covered.

Fitness Reality 810XLT Super Max Power Cage

Power racks, such as the Super max, are ideal for building usable muscle mass at home for all callisthenics fans. Want to learn how to do muscle ups before going to the park to please your friends? Better still, practise them in the privacy of your own house, in the garage or spare room, and show off your muscle strength once you’ve mastered them.

The Super max can not only be used as a pull-up bar, but it can also be used as a squat bar (barbells/plates sold separately) and a dip station, giving you a full body workout in just three movements.

Keep in mind that this home gym equipment is very large and would necessitate a large amount of floor space. Also, since the Super max is over 2 metres tall, you’ll need enough room between the top of the tower and the ceiling so you don’t headbutt your house with each rep. However, garage gyms or spare rooms are ideal.

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