TRX Back Exercises You Need To Try

trx back exercises

Few people think about improving their backs before it hurts or becomes unbearable. Spend 10 minutes a day, a few days a week, taking care of your back, and it will either take care of you or save you from having to go to the hospital. TRX Straps are a basic and effective method for back strengthening. Kari Woodall, a TRX Master Trainer, demonstrates how.

Train the body in 3D and work the whole cylinder for a stronger back! The Resisted Rotation engages your Lats and activates your heart, preparing your body to perform better in all exercises.

Kari Woodall TRX Master Trainer Demonstrates Some Key TRX Back Exercises.

TRX Back Exercise 1: Pull-Up

With a little DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness), you’ll feel the pain! The Pull-up is the final exercise for a reason: if you control the eccentric aspect of the Pull-up, it will haunt you for days after your workout.

  • Over-shortened straps
  • Sit under anchor, set shoulder blades down, then pinch shoulder blades together to pull up, On the way down, resist gravity and decelerate by slowly pushing arms overhead while maintaining an active plank and open neck space.

TRX Back Exercise 2: Resisted Rotation

  • SSW, Mid-Length Straps, Single Handle Mode
  • Inside leg forward hip width, offset stance Arrange the sternum on the anchor, Engage your heart. To add more weight to your body, take a step closer to the anchor. Maintain the active plank position without swaying or rotating.

TRX Back Exercise 3: Overhead Squat-Wall Slide

The OH Squat may already be a part of your leg workout, but we’re amplifying it by adding a Wall Slide to make it more dynamic and demanding. You’re lighting up your backside from hands to heels by keeping steady pressure on the straps and rowing as you come out of the squat.

  • SF, Mid-Length Straps
  • Arms in a Y or I, Squat Stance Maintain good balance by pulling back on the straps with your hands as you lower your hips. Start the Wall Slide with Scap while pushing your hips up from the bottom of the Squat.

TRX Back Exercise 4: T-Y Fly Combo

The T-Y Fly Combo should be a regular in your fly-tying arsenal.

  • SF, Mid-Length or Mid-Calf Straps
  • Arms in T To maintain constant stress across the range of motion, use an offset foot stance. Maintain plank when putting arms together and decelerating back. Start pulling with your shoulders and back. Pull back to T with straight arms, switching between T and Y.

TRX Back Exercise 5: Power Pull 

With the Power Pull, you’ll get a TRX Training Trifecta: a great Unilateral Pulling exercise that challenges your core and metabolic burn while incorporating Rotation and Speed!

  • SF, Mid-Length Straps, Single Handle Mode
  • Begin with a single arm row, straightening the elbow while simultaneously opening the shoulders and hips. Set Scapula down, then pinch shoulder blades together to pull out of rotation, then finish with a Single Arm Row to return to the starting position. Rotate in a plank with a linked torso so the hips and shoulders rotate and work together to transfer power effectively.

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