TRX Full Body Workout

TRX Full Body Workout

First of all congratulations if you have purchased a TRX suspension trainer; you now own one of the most powerful pieces of home fitness equipment available. Suspension trainers can be used in a number of exercises, including HIIT and Pilates sessions, and they allow you to increase the complexity of movements as your fitness improves.

You’re here for the TRX full body workout outline and here it is.

TRX Full Body Workout Part 1

You’ll use the short strap for the first part of the workout and perform exercises for a set amount of time. The segment begins with three lower-body exercises before transitioning to an upper-body superset. After two rounds of the following five moves, take a one-minute break before moving on to the next segment.

Double Pulse Squat

Time 50 Seconds Rest 20 Seconds

Stand with your feet hip-width apart in front of the anchor point, gripping the handles lightly with a slight bend in your elbows. With the squat, concentrate on a slow eccentric (downward) step, with a slight pause and double pulse at the bottom to add time under tension, before driving up through the heels and squeezing your glutes at the top.

Pistol Squat

Time 50 Seconds Rest 20 Seconds

When you stand facing the anchor point, make sure there is no slack in the straps. When lowering one leg, stretch the other leg straight out in front of you. Focus on a slow eccentric step and driving up through the heel once more. For each rep, switch legs.

Jump Squat

Time 40 Seconds Rest 40 Seconds

With your feet hip-width apart, face the anchor point. Squat down, then explode upwards until your feet are off the ground. Land gently, pause for a moment, and then squat again.

Supinated Row

Reps 20 Sets 2

Walk your feet underneath the TRX when holding the handles with your palms facing up – the closest you get to horizontal, the more resistance you’ll apply. Pull your torso up while bracing your heart. Slowly return to the starting position to increase time under tension.

Hand Release Press-Up

Time 30 Seconds Rest 30 Seconds

For this exercise, you can either leave the ropes alone or stretch the straps and place your feet into the handles for a more challenging workout. Place your shoulders over your wrists in a high plank pose. Lower to the floor slowly and deliberately, keeping your hips and shoulders aligned and your elbows tucked in. At the bottom, lift your hands off the floor and force yourself back up.

TRX Full Body Workout Part 2

The second half of the workout consists of unilateral drills, in which you only work one hand at a time. Work the left side first, then the right side for four rounds in the following two exercises. You’ll need to set up the TRX with a short strap once more.

Pistol Squat

Time 50 Seconds Rest 20 Seconds

Repeat according to part 1.

Jump Split Squat

Time 30 Seconds Rest 30 Seconds

Stand with your palms facing the anchor point, gripping the handles. Get into a split stance with your weight on the front foot and your back heel lifted by tucking your elbows in to your sides. Lower steadily, maintaining tension in the front leg’s quads, and then explode off your front heel and completely stretch your back leg.

Haven’t got your TRX Suspension Trainer yet, don’t hesitate!

trx full body workout

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