Affiliate Marketing Done Properly

There are right and wrong ways to do most things, affiliate marketing is no exception.

Affiliate marketing done properly produces incredible results. With very little upfront investment. No spammy strategies or generally being an absolute pest online.

If you are new to affiliate marketing it is pretty easy to get your head around. You earn a commission for every person that turns into a paying customer for the company you are partnered with. The company you partner with will give you a link, this is your affiliate link that you will get people to click. Any purchases that people make through that link will be tracked back to you and you will be paid. Also they will be tracked with something called a cookie (not the edible ones) these will ensure that you will be given the commission on any purchases they make at a later date. The tracking period ranges normally a min of 30 days.

The commission is determined by the company you are working with so it varies. As an affiliate you can choose to promote high ticket items £500+ or low ticket items. The commission you are comfortable receiving is also dependent on the value of the product your selling for example would you rather a 50% cut of a £20 product thats £10 or a 7% cut of a £500 product thats £35?

Companies you will know already have affiliate programmes such as Amazon, Nike, PayPal. There truly are an endless amount of these affiliate programmes in every niche and industry imaginable. Clickbank is a large database of affiliate programmes also that you may find useful.

The 3 Step Method

Step 1 – Find a great offer to promote (FREE)

Sign up with one of the many affiliate offers out there. As I mentioned above Amazon have one and I use them as an example because they are so well known and TRUSTED. Choose an item from them that you fell comfortable promoting. They sell everything so you could even look around your home to see if you could get ideas on what to promote. Kettles, TV’s, Games consoles, Headphones…

Myself I would choose Bluehost as my affiliate partner. They provide web hosting for websites that are created. All websites need a web host and there are many, many, many websites being made everyday. So web hosting services are needed. I will get paid for every paying customer I send Bluhosts way, £65+ depending on what level of service they buy from Bluehost.

Step 2 – Build a quick FREE Website

You can create a website for free at WordPress. There are so many tutorial out there already on how to set up your free website so I’ll leave that up to you to research 🙂

All you will need to create is a single page website. The page is also called a bridge page, your bridge pages purpose is to act as the middle man between you and your affiliate. Every time someone goes onto your bridge page and clicks the link (your affiliate link) you will send them straight to your affiliates offer on their website. It is then up to them to close the sale and convert them into paying customers. If you chosen a strong company to promote this should not ben an issue.

This could be a post in itself but I wanted to give you an idea of how you can make valuable content for people who are looking for the answers to the question that your blog post is offering. If they are happy with your answer they may click your affiliated link and get sent to the offer over at your affiliates site. They then might buy whatever you were referring them to and you have then made a commission.

Step 3 – Free Traffic Method

As you are seeking out a free method, you will be looking to share your website link around the web.

Getting people to your site is pretty important. Affiliate marketing done properly involves providing value before asking for people to click your link. It must be a win win situation.

On your one page website you should aim to answer a question thats burning in the back of your desired customers mind. If you are promoting a web hosting service like mine you may title your page “Best Web Hosting Platforms 2021”.

You will be looking for people asking questions around your topic, for instance in my case it would be web hosting.

So I will search Quora for anyone asking web hosting questions, I would jump in and write up the best possible answer I can think up for them and then share with them my webpage link. Now this method is great, particularly because these people are already looking for solutions, and your product should if not solve their problem it should help them.

This is not SPAMMING, you don’t cut and paste your link on 500 different blogs, cross your fingers and hope for the best. That will get you banned. But find those in need of assistance and answer questions. If you don’t know the answer google it. Some people are lazy and wont do the research. If you cannot be bothered to do that, then maybe you are as lazy as them lol.

Affiliate marketing done properly produces incredible results, don’t believe me, look at Amazon. The biggest affiliate on the planet.

Go out there and do it properly and get paid for being a valuable member of the communities you seek to serve. You just might be surprised with the outcome…

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