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Do You Need A Mentor To Be Successful

Do You Need A Mentor To Be Successful LEARN MORE FROM TAI: Here’s a list of famous people and their mentors: MENTEE/MENTORS – DESCRIPTION 1. Steve Jobs/Robert Friedland – Founded Apple… 2. Albert Einstein/Max Talmey – Developed the Theory of Relativity… 3. Stephen Hawkings/Dennis W. Sciama – Developed Theories of Black Holes and QuantumContinue reading “Do You Need A Mentor To Be Successful”

Lavar Ball On Marketing Parenting and Being The Best

Lavar Ball On Marketing, Parenting, and Being The Best LEARN MORE FROM TAI: There’s nobody out there like Lavar Ball. For the past year, we’ve seen him take over headlines, making controversial statements about the talent of his son Lonzo or justifying the $495 price tag on his Big Baller Brand sneakers. For theContinue reading “Lavar Ball On Marketing Parenting and Being The Best”

4 Steps To Selling Simple Household Items

4 Steps To Selling Simple Household Items LEARN MORE FROM TAI: People are always asking me how I make money online. THIS video reveals my process, in 4 steps: One of my streams of income comes from selling household items. I went with simple things (like books and glasses) and I suggest youContinue reading “4 Steps To Selling Simple Household Items”


UNRELEASED VERSION Here In My Garage You might’ve seen my “Here in my garage…” YouTube video where I introduce this free training: However, this viral video was just one of the many variations I made. There’s an important lesson here about testing your marketing. Chances are your first experiment as an entrepreneur willContinue reading “UNRELEASED VERSION Here In My Garage”

$3.2 Million In Credit At 20! Free Training

$3.2 Million In Credit At 20! Free Training Want to learn how Stephen built a $3.2 million line of credit? He’s sharing his system here: Not knowing the rules of the credit game means you’ll end up paying way too much for a car, house, or loan interest. Schools failed at teaching peopleContinue reading “$3.2 Million In Credit At 20! Free Training”

Ben Shapiro EXPLAINS What's Wrong With America

Ben Shapiro EXPLAINS What’s Wrong With America LEARN MORE FROM TAI: What’s wrong with America? Ben Shapiro, one of the most controversial people in the world, came by the house the other day. He doesn’t pull any punches on touchy subjects. He’s the editor-in-chief of Daily Wire, and has one of the biggest podcastsContinue reading “Ben Shapiro EXPLAINS What's Wrong With America”

Billionaire Tilman Fertitta Says 'Shut Up and Listen!'

Billionaire Tilman Fertitta Says ‘Shut Up and Listen!’ Learn More: Today I’m excited to bring you guys my anticipated interview with the man himself, Tilman Fertitta. If you don’t know who Tilman is, Forbes named him the richest restaurateur in the world. Owning over 600 restaurants (some you may have eaten at), 5 casinosContinue reading “Billionaire Tilman Fertitta Says 'Shut Up and Listen!'”

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