Apple iOS 14 update could destroy your retargeting Ads

Affiliate marketers need to be aware of the new changes the new Apple iOS 14 update will cause to your affiliate ads.

The new Apple iOS 14 update could cause your facebook retargeting ads to become unprofitable, and possibly lead to losses on your ad efforts…

The new apple iOS 14 may ask people if they want to be tracked online with pixels. Including the one you use to collect data on your visitors and run your retargeting ads. So obviously a big problem if your running retargeting ads right now that haven’t been set up appropriately.

It will affect affiliate marketers. You will no longer be able to send affiliate vendors your Facebook pixel to place on their pages.

There is a way to solve this new problem. And it’s pretty simple. You want to use your own bridge page to collect emails and then send traffic to your offer. You will have to apply your facebook pixel to a bridge page that you own the domain on.

Collect emails and build a digital asset you can earn from for years to come. With a bridge page you can collect emails before sending the traffic to your affiliate offer, whether they purchase your affiliate offer or not will be a little less important as you will have collected their email. You will now be able to promote your affiliate links to your new email list member through a series of emails that are sent to them in an order that warms them up to you and your products.

All the money is made on the back end. The big purchases are going to made once the audience know, like and trust you. This is unlikely to happen in a single sales pitch style video. The big purchases will however be made from those follow-up emails where you get a chance to educate your audience on the products you are promoting.

Ultimately, you should be tracking purchases on a page that you OWN do not rely on getting pixel tracking data from your vendors.

Learn more about how the update can affect you on Facebooks website.

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