Buying affiliate marketing websites that are already making MONEY.

Beginning a website/blog can be a daunting task. Creating content and regularly posting can take a lot of time and energy for little return at the start. There will be plenty of nights where you will be burning the midnight oil trying to create interesting blogs that people will want to read.

Instead of starting from scratch and grinding it out, you could purchase an affiliate website that already has traffic coming in and a customer base. This will cut short the process of getting a new blog really firing on all cylinders.

Flippa is a great place to start if you are looking for a website to purchase.

A few points to thinks about when browsing:

Traffic – Goes without saying really. If you not getting people through the doors you certainly aren’t making sales.It’s great to see if the traffic is going up month after month.

Earnings – Earnings is another variable that you would want to see increasing and not dropping too significantly in recent minths.

Value of content on website – If you are paying for your articles to be written up at the moment, you will know how much you pay per 1000 words for instance and you can count up the number of articles the prospective website has. For example: I currently pay a writer £35 per 1000 words, the prospective webpage has 60 articles with an average word count of 1000 words 60000 words in total, so £35 x 60 = £2,100 worth of content on the website.

Type of Backlinks – Check this stat on, you want to see if the website has strong backlinks from a reputable website (authority domain backlinks). Check the domain rank to make sure there are few spammy websites.

Design – If you are handy with website design, you will be able to workout if the site needs or could do with a little touch up that could increase the return on your investment. Maybe the theme could do with a little update, call to action buttons could be made more prominent.

Speed – Run the website through a speed test. If the articles are taking an age to load this could be an issue. I don’t know about you but slow webpages are a big turn off, I am gone within 3 seconds if a website has still not loaded and onto the next website. Use GTmetrix to test the websites speed.

Overall Value of Website – When looking at websites I treat them as investments. Just like a property investor would look at an investment property and calculate the long term returns expected from the property. I am happy to pay a high price for a site that is going to return 5x over the next few months or years. This is all dependent on the individual of course. What is valuable to you, and how long are you willing to wait before you breakeven then profit, 3 months, 3 years. i personally value the quality of the backlinks, traffic and content.

It’s also a good idea to check over the comments section in the listing. You may see something that turns you off the website, maybe the seller has reported fake numbers and someone in the comments has exposed them.

You can get all the charts and financial s of websites for sale on

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