Franklin Hatchett Makes $300 Daily Typing Names!

When I came across this I was at first a bit dubious $300 daily, really!? The more I read however the more it made sense. Also I got this info from Franklin Hatchett, a well established, successful online businessman, from New Zealand.

Franklin uses a website called Squad Help. Franklin Hatchett makes $300 daily typing names!

Sign up and get a free account at Squad Help it will not cost you anything just a few moments of your time.

How it works. Squadhelp helps other people think up names for companies, brands, projects by outsourcing that work to other people who’s job it is to think up the names.

When companies want you to think up a name for their company they will actually give you clues as to what they want the name to include or exclude.

You don’t even need to think up the names yourself, you can use a business name generator on the web. This tool will give you thousands of possible ideas for you to include in your suggestions based on the keywords you enter.

Being an online activity it comes with all the usual benefits you can work from anywhere with a computer and an internet connection or mobile plus it is free to start.

However as you may imagine there is likely to be a lot of competition due to the low barrier of entry.

Worth a try? It just may be if you have some free time on your hands. Because it’s free there is no harm in trying.

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