How the Best internet marketers use social media.

I watched a very interesting video just recent from Perry Belcher regarding how he uses social media to bring him business. And it is shocking that the majority of marketers online don’t talk about this…

Perry Belcher is a man who has seen and done it all in the business world. From sales, to web promotion, to consulting and venture capital projects, Perry has been involved in many lucrative businesses over the years.

Treat your social media accounts like different party’s. Mingle and chat with people in your target niche. Offer value and advice and maybe, just maybe they may visit your website to learn more about your work.

Perry Belcher mentions that he provides freebies to incentivise his audience to progress up his value ladder, purchasing more of his products.

Offer chips and dips at your party (website) and your visitors will be pleased to learn more about your paid plans, consultant services. No matter what you do you can always offer something for free to give your customers a taste of what they could be getting.

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