How to get the most out of your day.

This is a question I have been asking myself. I have come to the conclusion that I need to be SO excited about what I am doing in order to hype myself up and get myself working on my business.

What is your Why? This is what is going to push you when you feel beat down and not up for working. I am not saying this is an easy question to answer at all, but it seems after researching top performers they all seem to have a clear WHY. They know why they are doing what they are doing.

Bringing your loved ones in on your plan. I think it can be very helpful to share with your spouse, children, parents and close friends the goals you have in mind. Bring them in on the journey you are taking, because it is not easy and I know that it can be lonely to constantly grind it out over years with little returns. Family and friends can always provide that nudge you need to keep pushing on.

Little habits that can equate to massive results. I have been looking at my daily habits that I have at the moment that may be holding me back from achieving the goals of my day. I now only use social media to get content ideas and learn from top performers in my field, I aim to be producing a whole lot more social media than consuming it.

Love the grind. Ray Kroc, The co-founder of McDonald’s is a great example of working on his ideas over and over and over. He was not necessarily the smartest businessman, but WOW he was a raging bull when aiming for his dream of getting a McDonald’s restaurants in every town and city in north America.

Motivation. I have to be completely sold on what I am going after. In order to put countless hours into a business. I don’t believe that anyone can be successful without being insanely obsessed with what they do. Michael Jordan’s obsession is basketball, Cristiano Ronaldo’s obsession is football, Ray Kroc’s obsession was to make McDonalds a worldwide business, Richard Branson wants to fly people to the moon. They all have a deep passion for their profession. They want to be the best, 2nd place would be a let down and any other place for these types of people is not worth thinking about.

The points I have covered here will be little things I have learned from top performers in business, sports, medical fields. They all seem to have common traits. They know their big WHY, they have their routines and they stick to them. They stay motivated for long enough to see progress. The progress fuels them to carry on with their routine which continues to burn the flame of success for them.

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