Russell Brunson Brick And Mortar Summit, Any Good?

Free Brick & Mortar Funnel Summit – Learn more

Russell Brunson is running a brick and mortar funnels summit, geared towards helping traditional brick and mortar businesses make the most of the web to get leads.

Could be beneficial if you are needing some help with your online efforts.. Especially in these uncertain times…

The summit includes a whopping 96 hours of FREE value from 17 speakers!

The business owners in the Brick & Mortar Summit however have some valuable info to share.

Business owners speaking at the summit include dentists, gym owners, window cleaners, accountants, medical physicians, estate agents, business consultants, investors.

All the speakers are small and medium business owners whom have been able to generate up to 100 leads in a single month!

Russell mentions that he can afford to give all this away for free as he has made so much money from his 100,000+ paying clickfunnels users. And I the clickfunnels mob are raving fans of Russell and his work 🙂

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