Struggling to get Traffic? Answer: YOUR Dream 100

The dream 100 is a concept I learned from expert marketer Russell Brunson’s new book Traffic Secrets. It is a term used to describe the 100 most influential people and businesses in your industry. Your dream 100 will have a following of the people you want to see entering your website, browsing your products/services and buying from you!

Russell outlines the importance of firstly knowing them and secondly reaching out to them on more than one occasion with the aim of creating a mutually beneficial business relationship.

An example of this might be you writing up a guest post for one of your dream 100’s blogs. The blog owner receives free content and you get exposed to the influencers already established following.

So do you know your dream 100? If you don’t you may want to think about assembling a list. Think about it, one yes from a dream 100 member could get your content/product/service in front of your perfect customer. An audience who are already following someone in your industry.

It’s possible even to think up a new dream 100 for every platform you use to find the top influencers in you industry on each platform. You can have a list for Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube.

It may be worthwhile having a complete social media reset. Whereby you unfollow anyone but you dream 100. Expose yourself only to the best of the best in your field. This also makes it easier on yourself when you are thinking of what to post, you can see from what your dream 100 are putting out there and what is working. That alone could save you a ton of time when it comes to planning what to post for the week ahead.

Infiltrating the Dream 100. Russell dives deep into he got his first sales for his book through having just a handful of his dream 100 talk about his book and promote it to their audience. Allowing Russell to leverage a vast audience every time one of his dream 100 mentioned his book.

Russell goes deeper into the exact methods he used to get his dream 100 to promote his book in Traffic Secrets.

The book has been mentioned by Forbes, Entrepreneur, ABC, CBS Inc 500 and The Profit. Russell is the real deal. In Traffic Secrets Russell not only shares what has worked for him and his team but also what failures he has had.

Your perfect customers are out there and they are already listening, watching and reading your dream 100’s content. You don’t have to create the traffic you just have to redirect it to your business.

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