Traffic Secrets – MUST read or just another Marketing Book??

I’ve just started reading Traffic Secrets by Russell Brunson.

Loved his previous books, and I am not the only one, he is regarded as one of the best marketers around.

Points I have taken from this book already, which are no secret. But vitally important to remember.

Be genuine. In everything we do in business and life we surely need to be genuine to create a deep human connection with our audience. We need to be trusted, liked long before we even bother asking for our visitors to take action.

Don’t be a pest. Avoid all spamming strategies, they don’t work and will leave you with restricted social media accounts or blacklisted email accounts. I have done these in the past, with dreadful returns and not felt good about it either, I’ve promoted products I wasn’t sold on myself. Receiving these emails, DM’s is something we can all relate to. It’s annoying.

Bring value. Going forward I’m asking myself, what value is my content providing? I hope that each and every video is informative and in some way shape or form an answer to the questions my viewers are seeking.

Stay consistent. Consistency in my business ventures is a rule I have violated in the past. I would quit after not seeing results in the early stages, or failure would turn me off continuing. Long term, slow growth is much more attractive now. The get rich quick schemes are for suckers.

Check out his new book Traffic Secrets

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